Kakhovska HPP

17 nov, 12:49

Black Sea heals its wounds: four months after the Kakhovka disaster

15 nov, 12:11

"I hope we will be able to have an interview following the Victory": Life in Kherson region post-Kakhovka HPP disaster

6 nov, 11:21

Ecocide and consequences of Kakhovka dam explosion: scientists present new forecasts

13 oct, 15:42

It's too early to forget: how did the Kakhovka disaster affect farmers in the south of Ukraine, and what solutions are already working?

8 oct, 15:35

Ukrainian government allocates over $190,000 to civilians to overcome Kakhovka dam explosion aftermath

5 sep, 15:38

Ukraine incurs $1.5 bln loss and faces desertification of south due to shallowing of Kakhovka Reservoir

31 aug, 17:45

Serbia sends 14 trucks with humanitarian aid to Ukraine's Kherson region

24 aug, 15:37

Green revival: How former reservoir of Kakhovka changed in two months after dam explosion

19 aug, 19:10

Kakhovka dam cannot be restored – Ukraine's Interior Ministry

9 aug, 15:32

Is it necessary to restore the Kakhovka reservoir: pros and cons

2 aug, 15:33

Ukraine will need six years to rebuild Kakhovka hydroelectric plant – state water operator

25 jul, 13:43

The de-occupied Kamianska Sich National Park fights against the drying up of the Kakhovka Reservoir

19 jul, 13:17

"Almost like a lunar landscape": Czech and Ukrainian ecologists analyze pollution impact in Dnipro following Kakhovka dam destruction

17 jul, 08:54

Japan helps WFP deliver food assistance to people affected by destruction of Kakhovka dam

15 jul, 17:17

Serbia to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine

13 jul, 18:38

11,000 tons of fish lost in Kakhovka HPP destruction worth ₴10 bln

12 jul, 13:31

Environmental disaster of a global scale: how the Nyzhnyodniprovskyi National Nature Park lives after the explosion at the Kakhovka Reservoir

10 jul, 14:52

Kherson region initiates water cleaning project to combat consequences of flooding

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