7 dec, 15:24

Rubryka reporter's photos presented in Ukrainian pavilion at COP28 Climate Summit

9 aug, 14:59

Ukrainian forces hit Russian command post in occupied Nova Kakhovka

25 jun, 18:51

How is Ukraine recovering after the Kakhovka Dam explosion?

11 jun, 19:55

Ukraine prepares compensations for victims of flooding after Russia's destruction of Kakhovka dam

8 jun, 20:34

Water level in Kakhovka reservoir drops below "dead point"

Video, photo
8 jun, 15:10

About 28,000 fish have died in Dnipropetrovsk region because of Kakhovka dam destruction

Video, photo
8 jun, 11:50

Zelensky visits flooded Kherson region, calls meeting on Kakhovka dam destruction

8 jun, 10:44

Russians shoot at people trying to evacuate from flooded left-bank Kherson region – Rubryka

8 jun, 09:07

How Ukrainians rescue people and animals in flooded Kherson region: photo

7 jun, 15:50

European Union will send generators, pumps, and water filters to Ukraine's flooded Kherson region

What's Happening
7 jun, 14:35

Underwater: What is happening in flooded Kherson and how people and animals evacuate

7 jun, 08:31

"We need an immediate, maximum global response to Russian terror": Zelensky on Kakhovka dam destruction

What's Going On
6 jun, 16:41

Destruction of Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant: what will be the consequences and what to do now

6 jun, 15:23

Ukraine to convene UN Security Council over Kakhovka HPP explosion

6 jun, 14:54

Kakhovka dam destruction: International leaders condemn Russia's terrorist act

6 jun, 13:15

150 tons of engine oil spilled into Dnieper River after Kakhovka dam explosion

6 jun, 11:27

Russia blowing up Kakhovka dam will not stop Ukraine's counteroffensive – AFU

6 jun, 08:27

Terrorist attack: Russian forces blow up Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant in Ukraine's Kherson region

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