Human rights

29 apr, 12:35

Ukraine to temporarily suspend participation in European Convention on Human Rights

25 apr, 11:36

Ukrainian Mariia Sulialina wins Stockholm's "Human Rights Defender of the Year" for exposing war crimes against children

29 jan, 15:59

"First of all, I want a satisfied client, and then come earnings:" fashion designer creates stylish adaptive clothing for people in wheelchairs

18 jan, 16:25

Rubryka hosts online discussion on helping IDPs adapt in safer Ukrainian regions

Special project
15 jan, 12:55

How men join campaigns against gender-based violence and change Ukraine for good?

10 jan, 13:41

Important things explained in plain language: Tolerance Diary draws attention to social problems

She's got it
8 nov, 10:16

"We can eradicate the idea that violence is normal": how the Women's Rights Protection Department works

19 oct, 15:59

Ukraine approves draft law on registering same-sex marriages

18 oct, 16:14

“Having bad relationship with boss is tough”: tips for identifying and combating workplace mobbing

25 sep, 18:15

Dnipro driving school for people with disabilities: the opportunity to drive gives an incentive in life

22 may, 16:23

Ukrainian film festival Docudays UA will host series of events about human rights, war, and reconstruction

5 may, 10:44

"Only 20 out of 50 people managed to get a job": what is wrong with work for deaf Ukrainians, and what are the solutions

10 apr, 09:27

Massage parlor, museum, and IT company: how Ukrainian business provides work to visually impaired people

13 mar, 17:44

Why does russia kidnap Ukrainian children, and what should victims do: interview with human rights advocate Alyona Lunyova

26 dec, 15:35

Kharkiv human rights group will receive half of Memorial’s Nobel Peace Prize

8 dec, 12:23

"Not only heteros defend Ukraine": how rights of LGBT military are (not) protected

3 dec, 21:52

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to visit Ukraine

27 oct, 15:55

How Ukrainian LGBT+ soldiers strike a blow against Kremlin

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