16 feb, 14:37

Ukraine’s living heritage: a century-old mud house was restored and turned into a community center

16 feb, 12:21

Biodiversity space: locals and scientists unite for the sake of wildlife

10 feb, 21:23

Kharkiv region opens support centers for domestic violence victims

5 jan, 12:27

Kharkiv region rebuilding primary health care center damaged by Russian forces

5 dec, 12:14

Circular construction in the Kharkiv region: Ukraine uses demolition waste for reconstruction

Photo report
7 oct, 11:27

Devastation and destruction: Rubryka's photo report of Hroza village in Kharkiv region after Russian attack

22 jul, 19:30

Russian forces kill one and injure one in shelling of Kharkiv region

6 jun, 21:52

Russian army strikes in Kharkiv region's ammonia pipeline

5 jun, 15:03

Revival after destruction: how Feldman EcoPark was saved and animals are already returning home

15 mar, 16:21

A new home for rescued animals: the story of the Kharkiv shelter

14 nov, 20:18

Zelensky visited Mykolaiv and announced assistance points for Kherson region residents

9 oct, 14:04

Evacuation on foot, water from the emergency services and ads about russian passports. How does the released Kupyansk live

1 oct, 15:18

russians shoot civilian cars near Kupiansk: 10 children among those killed

30 sep, 15:18

Liubotyn in Kharkiv region became second city in Ukraine to adopt zero waste concept

29 sep, 17:26

Second city in Ukraine joined zero waste concept: how a community in the Kharkiv region came to sustainable development

22 sep, 18:38

"It's scary, but I'm free": life of de-occupied Vovchansk

19 sep, 18:02

"Having less is better": new russian crimes exposed in de-occupied Vovchansk

Photo report
18 sep, 17:23

Liberated Balaklia: occupiers' base and police torture chamber. Photo

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