7 jan, 10:09

EU Council President might resign, potentially opening vacancy for Orban

6 jan, 09:44

European Commission plans "operational decisions" to unlock €50 bln for Ukraine – von der Leyen

2 jan, 14:53

Russia has lost more than 50% of European gas market over the past year

1 jan, 18:38

Belgium assumes presidency of EU Council, sets priority on supporting Ukraine in next six months

30 dec, 17:48

EU Vice-President: Ukraine's EU accession will be a multi-year process

23 dec, 19:26

EU sends 500 extra power generators to boost Ukraine's energy resilience

21 dec, 15:47

Orban admits EU could allocate €50 bln Ukraine aid without Hungary's approval

21 dec, 14:34

EU sends last tranche of €18-billion assistance package to Ukraine

19 dec, 08:41

European Commission will allocate €65 mln to countries hosting Ukrainian refugees

18 dec, 18:25

EU to hold summit in February to approve €50 bln aid for Ukraine

18 dec, 17:58

EU imposes 12th round of economic and individual sanctions on Russia

18 dec, 10:10

To push Orban to approve aid to Ukraine, Hungary may be stripped of vote in EU — FT

17 dec, 09:26

Austria unblocks 12th EU sanctions package after Raiffeisen suspended from war sponsor list

16 dec, 16:29

Start of Ukraine-EU negotiations and 5,000 drones for the army: five solutions of the week

15 dec, 18:23

The reasons for EU enlargement have never been stronger – von der Leyen

15 dec, 12:45

Orban lists conditions for unblocking €50 bln for Ukraine

15 dec, 09:59

Orbán blocks allocation of €50 billion for Ukraine from EU budget

14 dec, 21:27

"Orban left the summit before the vote":  the EU allies override Hungarian veto

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