29 jan, 13:50

Give a helping paw: animal therapy helps military personnel and IDPs in Kyiv

19 jan, 15:24

Solutions to win: France starts 3-week dog handlers course for Ukrainian rescuers

8 jan, 11:55

Kyiv welcomes new psychological support center featuring dog therapy

26 nov, 19:40

Solutions from Ukraine: Zakarpattia region implements dog therapy to rehabilitate soldiers

26 oct, 15:26

Poland trains sapper dogs to send them to Ukraine for demining

Video, photo
22 sep, 16:27

Solutions to win: EU allies provide special equipment for Ukrainian sapper dogs

18 jul, 10:10

Ukrainian border guard dog handlers wrap up training in Spain

1 apr, 16:29

The Netherlands send 11 sapper dogs to Ukraine

15 feb, 15:32

Animal-assisted therapy and military rehabilitation: How man's best friend can heal the scars of war

24 oct, 14:50

Hibuki therapy: how a hug dog helps Ukrainian children cope with stress of war

21 oct, 18:08

Ukraine to receive 100 air monitoring stations donated by Czechs: some named after dogs

23 sep, 19:30

Sheltering a homeless animal is not scary! How Leia became part of Rubryka team

In Handy
13 sep, 12:40

Animal first aid: how to save your pet's life

8 sep, 15:56

Zelensky meets with Blinken

22 aug, 17:20

"I wanted to quit a million times, but how will they be without me?": how the Dnipro shelter saves animals from the front line

20 aug, 10:15

Homeless Animals Day: How Hostomel shelter survived during russian occupation

18 aug, 16:49

MasterZoo and UAnimals, with the support of Visa, initiated a fundraiser for the treatment and nutrition of war-affected animals

28 jul, 17:06

Pet fur is collected in Lviv to help Ukraine’s Armed Forces

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