Climate change

7 nov, 12:25

Ukraine pavilion at the UN Climate Change Conference: the first-time presence

19 oct, 21:00

Largest gas accident in history: how will Nord Stream leak affect climate and biota of Baltic Sea?

7 oct, 11:37

Buy plastic from EU — finance war in Ukraine: why production and use of plastic helps russia

21 aug, 23:32

Europe’s rivers run dry as scientists warn drought could be worst in 500 years

15 aug, 22:49

‘Hunger stones’ resurface as Europe faces historic drought

15 aug, 10:05

Drought hitting more than half of EU and UK

5 aug, 09:30

How war speeds up global warming and mass extinction

29 jul, 08:30

Ukrainian lands are becoming less productive, and nutritional value of products is lower than 50 years ago

28 jul, 12:08

Scientists' study shows evidence of mass extinction of planet's biodiversity

27 jul, 11:52

Large-scale fires now contained in California

25 jul, 15:22

Trade unions call for a max working temperature cap for outdoor workers

29 jun, 14:29

European Commissioner for the Environment Virginijus Sinkevičius named three main problems related to ecology in Ukraine

29 jun, 13:58

European Commissioner for the Environment: "We are witnessing in Ukraine what has not happened since the World War II"

25 jun, 21:06

Germany's Scholz wants G7 'climate club' to combat energy crisis

12 nov, 08:10

Mammoths, cows, and superglue: 18 original solutions against climate change

5 nov, 13:36

People's Deputies appeal to the UN on Ukraine's plan to combat climate change

30 sep, 11:15

Saving the forest means saving the climate

31 aug, 14:40

There may be no winter in Ukraine in 20 years - Kulbida

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