BGV Group Management

27 apr, 13:25

580 drawings and 115 thousand hryvnias: an initiative in support of children from Ukraine was held in Prague

23 apr, 12:37

Ukrainian courage becomes a brand, big business join #BRAVEUKRAINE movement

20 apr, 21:27

"Football and the international voice are our weapons": why football clubs continue to play

20 apr, 11:25

People can donate at the Easter fair in Prague while buying children's drawings from Ukraine

19 apr, 19:06

What fields will develop best after the war: BGV Group investment company shares its vision

Company news
15 apr, 13:30

BGV Has Created A Charity Fund — BGV Charity Fund

11 apr, 14:30

People survived humanitarian catastrophe, crimes of occupiers and daily bombings – reports from villages near Ivankiv

Business Solution
11 apr, 10:56

"Amidst the war, there are no set processes, strategies, algorithms. Every day, everything is different", BGV Group Management

17 mar, 17:56

How Ukrainian businesses volunteer: BGV Group delivers 1,220 tons of humanitarian aid from Europe and supplies food to Ukrainian Armed Forces

2 mar, 17:27

Hennadii Butkevych, BGV Group founder and co-owner of ATB Corporation, joins territorial defense ranks

15 feb, 18:35

Modern superheroes. Why do we need more women's awards for women entrepreneurs?

News of companies
7 feb, 18:35

KOLO chain celebrates 5 years: shops "near the house" donate equipment and car

3 feb, 16:30

American University Kyiv's operational opening took place in the capital: what is known

14 jan, 10:55

American University Kyiv to open in Kyiv: details announced at Ukrainian Embassy to the United States

31 dec, 11:03

House of Chimaeras shows an inclusive New Year's show for children: supported by Ukrainian business

30 dec, 11:25

"Laziness is the greatest enemy we have": Oleksandr Usyk met with young boxers

20 dec, 13:55

"Philosopher's stone for Ukraine": Ilya Ponomarev on first investment deal in Eastern Europe through revolutionary SPAC

19 dec, 17:59

How will a new American University in River Port building look like: photo

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