13 sep, 09:52

Zelenskyy speaks about conversation with Biden about Ukraine's membership in NATO

13 sep, 08:00

Results of the bilateral meeting between Biden and Zelensky - American political consultant, lawyer Yuri Vanetik

6 sep, 11:52

Biden will visit Ukraine, but not this year - Kuleba

2 sep, 08:52

At talks with Biden, Zelenskyy proposes new format of Donbas settlement

2 sep, 08:36

U.S. to send Ukraine more Javelins, other lethal and non-lethal capabilities

1 sep, 23:31

Joint Statement on the U.S.-Ukraine Strategic Partnership

1 sep, 23:28

Biden hopes to visit Ukraine again

1 sep, 18:56

Yermak's Office: Zelenskyy will ask Biden to assess the situation in Donbas

1 sep, 08:42

Zelenskyy and Biden to meet at White House today

31 aug, 09:17

President of Ukraine and First Lady arrive in Washington

30 aug, 08:23

Zelenskyy and Biden's meeting postponed again

27 aug, 12:15

During Zelenskyy's visit to the US, they'll sign three bilateral documents - President's Office

What's Happening
20 aug, 19:29

Nord Stream 2: why Ukraine has a right to be disappointed but still has a chance

19 aug, 17:15

"Chemistry" needs to develop between Zelenskyy and Biden: what can Ukraine expect from Washington presidential meeting

19 aug, 11:21

Zelenskyy's visit to the United States postponed to August 31: now he'll meet Biden face to face

9 aug, 08:45

Kuleba names three blocks of issues in the talks between Biden and Zelenskyy

4 aug, 09:33

Kuleba and Yermak arrive in Washington to prepare for Zelenskyy's visit

29 jul, 18:03

Normandy format and North Stream-2: "Servant of the People" explains what Zelenskyi and Biden will discuss

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