24 apr, 18:13

United to win: US president signs Ukraine aid bill

27 feb, 18:50

Biden to hold meeting with Congress leaders to address Ukraine aid

26 feb, 14:24

Biden to meet congressional leaders to discuss aid for Ukraine

23 feb, 13:53

US introduces large-scale sanctions package against Russia

19 feb, 15:27

Biden administration considers providing Ukraine with advanced ATACMS missiles for increased reach

6 feb, 20:59

"If we don't support this bill, it will help Putin": Biden urges US Congress to pass draft law on supporting Ukraine

1 feb, 21:34

Biden and von der Leyen discuss €50 bln Ukraine aid

27 jan, 10:21

Biden urges Congress to approve Mexico border compromise to push Ukraine aid

14 dec, 09:58

US Congress may go on winter vacation without approving aid to Ukraine

13 dec, 10:19

Biden: "We want to see Ukraine win the war"

6 dec, 10:38

Biden: "The failure to support Ukraine is just absolutely crazy. It's against US interests"

20 oct, 11:49

"Together we won't let hatred destroy our freedom and terrorists ruin our democracy" – Zelensky comments on Biden's speech

1 oct, 08:30

We cannot under any circumstances allow American support for Ukraine to be interrupted – Biden

22 sep, 18:43

Biden promises ATACMS long-range missiles for Ukraine

10 sep, 18:57

Biden nears final decision on supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles − Financial Times

19 aug, 10:34

"Russia has already lost" the war, failing to achieve any of its planned goals – Biden

12 jul, 20:58

Zelensky informs Biden on latest situation at the front during visit to Vilnius

4 jul, 08:33

Zelensky calls on Biden to invite Ukraine into NATO "now" – despite war

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