14 may, 10:56

Austria supports using income from frozen Russian assets to boost Ukraine's defense

8 may, 13:21

Ukraine may receive first income from frozen Russian assets by summer – European Commission

29 apr, 10:22

Russia's frozen assets can fund Ukraine's military operations until 2028 – Reuters

28 apr, 17:59

Germany opposes transfer of Russia's assets to Ukraine fearing new lawsuits for World War II — WSJ

2 apr, 13:35

US considers bill to utilize frozen Russian assets for Ukraine aid

26 mar, 16:43

Ukraine's PM holds talks with British FM on Russian asset seizures

21 mar, 16:47

Austrian chancellor opposes using frozen Russian assets for Ukraine weapons

19 mar, 15:36

Borrell suggests using 90% of frozen Russian funds' income for arming Ukraine

12 mar, 09:25

FT: EU to allocate €3 bln from frozen Russian assets to Ukraine by summer

7 mar, 19:48

Switzerland approves using Russian assets for Ukraine recovery

5 mar, 16:47

EU considers using frozen Russian assets to bolster Ukraine's military potential – Borrell

4 mar, 18:54

United to win: Belgium ready to seize frozen Russian assets for Ukraine's armament funding

29 feb, 14:59

EU Parliament adopts resolution on arming Ukraine with profits from Russian assets

28 feb, 11:43

EU should consider using frozen Russian asset profits for Ukraine's army – Von der Leyen

17 feb, 16:59

United to win: US to give Estonia $500,000 of confiscated Russian assets for Ukrainian aid

12 feb, 19:27

EU Council approves resolution allowing use of frozen Russian assets for Ukraine

6 feb, 18:45

Utilizing frozen Russian assets should be key solution for Ukraine's reconstruction – PM

4 feb, 20:58

EU and G7 discuss possible use of frozen Russian assets to aid Ukraine – Bloomberg

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