Agrarian sphere

28 mar, 16:48

Ukraine has progress in lifting blockade on Polish border – PM

22 mar, 12:35

Grain Wars: the hidden threat

20 mar, 09:18

EU extends duty-free food export from Ukraine, introducing restrictions on "sensitive products"

16 mar, 17:40

Solutions from Ukraine: Dnipro bomb shelter houses one of Ukraine's largest vertical farms

14 mar, 21:29

Ukraine plans to resume sea ferry, container transportation in a few weeks – deputy minister

9 mar, 13:47

Solutions from Ukraine: Ukrainian farmers implement new strategies to fight drought

4 mar, 14:46

Poland urges EU to impose sanctions on Russian and Belarusian agricultural imports

19 feb, 16:59

Hungarian PM urges EU to halt import of Ukrainian agricultural goods

9 feb, 14:35

Poland may ban certain agricultural products from Ukraine

3 feb, 15:43

Russian forces attack full granary in Poltava region

27 jan, 14:58

Ukraine and Poland begin negotiations on export licenses

16 jan, 13:46

Ukraine welcomes SEED 3.0 grant project for small agricultural businesses

6 jan, 11:21

Poland to reach deal with farmers to resolve Ukraine's border blockade

26 nov, 18:59

Ukrainian farmers reap nearly 29 million tons of vegetables in 2023

14 nov, 14:29

Despite shelling and mining: Kherson region's farming year results and solutions for food security

29 oct, 14:39

Ukraine has exported nearly nine million tons of grain in current marketing year

16 oct, 12:55

Ukrainian farmers use robots in fields and gardens to boost crop yields

15 oct, 14:58

Ukraine has provided its farmers with loans worth $1.65 billion

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