What's Happening
17 sep, 17:30

Life without Merkel: how Germany is preparing to elect a parliament

16 sep, 22:29

Zelenskyy sets up special group to counter threats from Nord Stream 2

15 sep, 09:45

Directors with iPhone cameras and most powerful iPad: what solutions did Apple offer at their presentation

13 sep, 08:00

Results of the bilateral meeting between Biden and Zelensky - American political consultant, lawyer Yuri Vanetik

What's Happening
6 sep, 20:12

Between Zelenskyy and Putin: results of the talks with Biden

4 sep, 17:11

Ukraine opens honorary consulate in Amsterdam

2 sep, 08:36

U.S. to send Ukraine more Javelins, other lethal and non-lethal capabilities

1 sep, 23:31

Joint Statement on the U.S.-Ukraine Strategic Partnership

1 sep, 23:28

Biden hopes to visit Ukraine again

1 sep, 08:42

Zelenskyy and Biden to meet at White House today

31 aug, 09:15

Floods in Europe in 2021 and desert in southeastern Ukraine in 2070: what's the connection?

30 aug, 15:16

Ukraine ranks 8th in number of Afghan evacuees - Defense Ministry

30 aug, 12:59

Canada's largest newspaper describes a "daring operation" by Ukrainian military in Afghanistan

30 aug, 08:23

Zelenskyy and Biden's meeting postponed again

28 aug, 16:55

Shevchenko's "Testament" among world’s TOP-5 most translated books

24 aug, 22:23

World’s tallest building lit up with Ukrainian flag colors

17 aug, 17:50

12 Ukrainians can't leave Afghanistan: they've been blocked by the Taliban

16 aug, 14:43

There are about 50 Ukrainians in Afghanistan, Foreign Ministry clarifies which of them wants to evacuate

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