Viktoriia Hubareva

10 aug, 17:03

Pregnant at 12 years old. Why such stories happen more and more often in Ukraine

Look at us!
9 aug, 11:30

Tokyo Olympics round-up. The most significant moments and what awards Ukrainians took home

What's Happening
9 aug, 08:02

What was found next to the hanged Belarusian activist Vitalii Shishov's body and who he was

7 aug, 11:45

Bicycle in a big city: how to avoid an accident

6 aug, 12:05

Water in pump-rooms in Kyiv: drink or not drink?

In Handy
4 aug, 10:30

Panic button and bartender code word: how to get out of a date that has become dangerous

2 aug, 15:15

Vegetables, sustainable fashion and DIY common space: three stories about Ukrainians who started their own business

2 aug, 10:35

Scrap metal in yards. How to remove an abandoned car

1 aug, 10:55

Typical Tinder: what can happen on a date and why you shouldn't be afraid to go on them

She's Got It
29 jul, 18:05

Vacation because of a period in Ukraine: the need or discrimination?

26 jul, 08:53

Summer part-time jobs for teenagers: what children and parents need to know

In Handy
24 jul, 15:15

Watermelon poisoning. How to choose a fruit and what to do with effects of dangerous watermelons and melons

23 jul, 11:21

Airbnb apartment: what can go wrong and how to keep yourself safe

What's Happening
21 jul, 09:10

Explosion at Rivnoazot: what happened and what could be the consequences

20 jul, 11:55

Checkmate.‌ ‌How ‌chess players‌ ‌in ‌Ukraine‌ ‌play‌ ‌despite ‌everything

19 jul, 08:45

Why is it even cheaper to travel to Egypt? Deputy Minister of Tourism explains

14 jul, 13:15

Terrible droughts and imports of drinking water? What to do so as not to turn Ukraine into a desert

14 jul, 09:30

Mouthpiece of millennials and politicians: why we still don't use Twitter

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