Olga Stukalo

23 nov, 14:50

Ukrainian youth wants to have more active influence on their country's reconstruction – study

21 nov, 08:00

Ten years of civil society development: how the initiatives born on Maidan of Dignity are working now

17 nov, 14:38

Ukrainian NGO "Anti-Corruption Headquarters" reveals seven challenges of reconstruction and how to overcome them

She's got it
14 nov, 16:35

Not pregnant: How to cope with the news of infertility

10 nov, 12:57

There is a decree, but there is no reconstruction: why Moshchun, which has become Kyiv's shield, is not being restored as promised

9 nov, 14:35

Solutions to win: new therapeutic book "Brave Tales" help Ukrainian children cope with complicated reality of war

8 nov, 17:37

Survey: 78% of local startups are ready to find solutions for rebuilding Ukraine

8 nov, 14:32

Study reveals key solutions to strengthen Ukraine on the way to European integration

7 nov, 18:56

Ukraine's path to global competitiveness: creating its equivalent of "Real Madrid" in subsoil exploitation

30 oct, 17:12

Who will write the rules for murals?: artists and citizens look for a common solution regarding murals

26 oct, 17:06

Ukraine’s book business during war: Ukrainians want to read their own, but Russia may enter the market again

26 oct, 11:50

Russia's war may cost Ukraine $255 billion in human capital in next decade

25 oct, 13:15

AI started creating nudes and deepfakes: what to do if you have become a victim

24 oct, 13:05

Buying homes in wartime: who's doing it and is it justified?

What's going on?
23 oct, 14:10

"They promised us an Arlington a year ago": the families of deceased Ukraine's defenders call for justice

19 oct, 18:37

Rebuild better than it was: how can communities restore mobility?

17 oct, 17:16

Impact of full-scale war: Research shows Ukrainians read more daily

16 oct, 17:53

“We don't know who is on the other side of the screen”: how to identify Russian bots on social media

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