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How to get a land plot for free? Instructions for Ukrainians

We analyze the procedure and the necessary documents

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In quarantine times, we're especially drawn to suburban life because many have no longer need to go to the office, and the air outside the city is always cleaner and fresher. It would be nice to have a summer cottage, right? Did you know you can get it for free? So, every citizen has the right to receive a land plot, according to Art. 121 of the Land Code. And not even one, but several ones, one per person from each category:

  • For a farm, in the amount of a land share determined for members of agricultural enterprises on the territory of the village, settlement, city council where the farm is located. If several agricultural enterprises are on this territory, the size of the land share is determined as the average for these enterprises. In the absence of agricultural enterprises on the territory of the council, the size of the land share is determined as the average for the district.
  • For personal farming — no more than 2 hectares;
  • For gardening — no more than 12 acres;
  • For the construction of a residential house — no more than 0.25 hectares; in villages no more than 15 acres; in cities, no more than 10 acres;
  • For summer cottage construction — no more than 10 acres;
  • For a garage — no more than 1 acre.

Lands are transferred to a citizen from state communal property after he/she completes a series of necessary actions described below. At the same time, it's important to pay attention to the fact that now, it's possible to obtain ownership of agricultural land since, from July 1, 2021, the law on opening the land market comes into force, but provided that the purpose doesn't change. That is, it is impossible to build a residential house, garage, or summer cottage on such a site.

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