Digest 13:35 25 Feb 2023

“Rubryka” launches new format: 5 leading solutions of week

From now on, "Rubryka" will make a small digest of solutions bringing the Ukrainian victory closer every Saturday. Please, read and share:

  • The first four Leopard 2 tanks from Poland are already in Ukraine! Soon, the country will deliver 60 modernized PT-91 tanks (for reference: РТ-91 Twardy is the main battle tank of the Polish army). Polish instructors are amazed at how quickly Ukrainian tankers learn and master modern tanks.
  • Ukraine, the EU, and NATO agreed to create a mechanism for producing weapons to satisfy the needs of Ukraine's armed forces and help replenish the allies' reserves.
  • Italy announced the transfer of air defense equipment to Ukraine "to protect civilian infrastructure." The governments of Italy and France are working together on solutions to protect Ukrainian critical infrastructure.
  • Within the framework of the "Army of Drones" project, Ukraine has already purchased 1,879 drones! It should be noted that more than 5,500 drone operators have been trained in drone control and currently use the received knowledge in combat.
  • The Pentagon announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth $2 billion. It will include ammunition for HIMARS, shells for artillery installations, drones, communication equipment, and demining devices.

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