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Solutions from Ukraine: Lviv Polytechnic unveils "Without Limits" inclusive educational space

Photo: Facebook / USAID Project "Economic Support of Ukraine"

The Lviv Polytechnic National University recently inaugurated an inclusive educational area called "Without Limits." The necessary equipment was acquired through the "Better Technical Skills and Inclusive Conditions for the Development of the Workforce in the Machine-building Sector of Ukraine" project, which was conducted in collaboration with the USAID "Economic Support of Ukraine" initiative.

The USAID Project, "Economic Support of Ukraine," reports this on Facebook.

What is the problem?

Since 2017, Lviv Polytechnic has created the Service for Access to Learning Opportunities "Without Limits," which works to help people with disabilities and chronic diseases realize their right to higher education.

More than 300 students with special educational needs are studying various specialties and courses at the university.

Following the start of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, the service has partnered with the university's Center for Veteran Development. Currently, 77 combatants are studying in various fields at Lviv Polytechnic.

What is the solution?

With the assistance of the USAID Project "Economic Support of Ukraine" for the inclusive educational space "Without Limits" within the framework of the project "Better Technical Skills and Inclusive Conditions for the Development of the Workforce in the Machine-building Sector of Ukraine," equipment was purchased for its arrangement.

Photo: Facebook / USAID Project "Economic Support of Ukraine"

How does it work?

The space has an interactive educational system with a language class for 15 people with visual impairments, which includes:

  • projector,
  • interactive whiteboard,
  • laptop with software,
  • monitor,
  • peripheral devices,
  • headset,
  • student analog audio panel and audio hub,
  • printer with heat-sensitive capsule paper,
  • two video magnifiers.

Photo: Facebook / USAID Project "Economic Support of Ukraine"

This equipment improves learning opportunities for students with the following disabilities:

  • visual impairments;
  • hearing impairments;
  • musculoskeletal disorders.

The space provides the potential for growth and exploration through:

  • open lectures,
  • expert workshops,
  • educational and entertainment events.

Photo: Facebook / USAID Project "Economic Support of Ukraine"

The educational process for university students of all majors will take place based on "Without Limits" using innovative teaching methods and specialized equipment.

"Today's event is another step in the direction of expanding access to higher education and developing an inclusive mindset and culture of the university environment. At this stage, the team is actively working with students and employees to improve the working conditions of the space, to attract mentors to conduct various activities that will contribute to the comprehensive development of course participants," says Nazar Podolchak, head of Tech StartUp School.

Mykola Naduchichnyi, head of the Luhansk Association of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities, shares at the opening of the space:

"Back in 2009, we wanted to create such a space in the Luhansk region. I was amazed to hear about the opening of a space here in Lviv. Our dream has come true. We will popularize these opportunities among our community, attend events, and further develop and cooperate."

The space is located at Lviv, 2/4 Karpinskyi Street, 1st educational building, classroom 112.

More information about the work and functions of the "No Limits" service can be found on the website: https://lpnu.ua/nolimits

For reference:

This year the Laboratory of Robotics, created with the USAID Project's assistance, started working at the Lviv Polytechnic.

It was also reported that the USAID Project "Economic Support of Ukraine" (USAID Project) is helping to reconstruct the Leadership Development Center in Lviv.

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