12:43 23 May 2024

Massive Russian strikes in Kharkiv kill six people

Photo: wikimapia.org

In Kharkiv, the number of casualties from the mass attacks on Thursday, May 23, has risen to six. The Russian military has not just targeted the city ten times [as it had been reported before – ed.], but 15 times.

The head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh Synehubov, reported that on Telegram.

"According to preliminary data, as a result of the strike on Kharkiv, four people died," he said.

In addition, according to the head of the regional military, the location of two more people is being established.

"The Russian army struck at least 15 times," he clarified.

Later, the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration reported that six people had died.

The air alert in Kharkiv and the surrounding area has been ongoing since 5:27. Around 10:30, the explosions commenced.

A few hours earlier, on May 23, the Russians shelled Kharkiv en masse. At first, it was reported that there was one explosion, then about five, and later, about ten. They thundered during the air alert.

Initially, news emerged about multiple strike locations, including a Russian strike on a printing house. Before that, reports stated that seven people were injured and two died following the Russian attack on Kharkiv.

In addition, two more people each were injured after shelling in Zolochiv and Liubotyn.

For reference:

Yesterday, May 22, the Russians launched a guided aerial bomb attack on Kharkiv. This injured 12 people and resulted in damage to windows in apartment buildings, two cafes, a car wash, and other buildings.

In Chuhuiv, a kindergarten burned down as a result of shelling, and eight people were injured in the city. Unofficial monitoring Telegram channels suggested that the occupiers used S-300 missiles in the city.

According to the regional military administration, the Ukrainian military successfully defended against 8 Russian attacks on the Kharkiv front in the villages of Lyptsi and Starytsia. Additionally, the occupiers attacked the Kupiansk front 22 times.

In the past couple of days, over 14,000 individuals have been forced to leave their homes in the Kharkiv region due to the Russian forces mounting a ground attack on May 10.

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