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Russian volunteer fighters destroy two ammo depots in Russian town of Tyotkino

Photo: Телеграм/legionoffreedom

Russian volunteer fighters have destroyed two ammunition depots of occupiers in Tyotkino, Kursk Oblast, Russia. 

Currently, the Russian authorities are blocking the evacuation of civilians in the Belgorod Oblast, where raids by Russian volunteer soldiers continue. Panic is growing among local residents, Rubryka reports, citing the "Liberty of Russia" Legion.

Kursk Oblast

"While the Putin army is destroying civilian homes, the legion's artillerymen skillfully destroyed two ammunition depots of Putin's troops in Tyotkino," said the Russian volunteer fighters.

At this time, fighters of the "Liberty of Russia" continue to operate in the Russian territory.

Belgorod Oblast

As sources note, the Russian authorities are blocking the evacuation of the population in the Belgorod Oblast. Law enforcement officers have surrounded the railway station, and panic is growing among the residents.

"They shelled Karachan. They shelled taxi drivers, I don't know how ours will leave. Yes, they have already surrounded the railway station, that's it, they don't let anyone go there or back, I don't know, it's some kind of hell. Let them go down near Prokhorovka," said a local resident.

Yesterday, Rubryka reported that Russian volunteer fighters appealed to residents of the Belgorod and Kursk Oblasts to evacuate immediately and indicated that they have an hour and a half to do so.

After crossing the border of the Russian Federation in the Belgorod and Kursk Oblasts, Russian volunteer fighters also managed to destroy one of the Russian command posts.

What we know about Russian volunteer fighter operations in the territory of Russia

The "Freedom of Russia" Legion has conducted multiple raids near the Russian Federation. They have maintained control of territories and encountered Russian military forces.

On March 12, the "Freedom of Russia" Legion and the "Siberian Battalion" began a new raid and entered the Belgorod Oblast. Specifically, they are advancing on tanks in multiple directions.

Russian volunteers are actively posting messages. They announced that they are "going to the polls" and "will do everything to move Putin from Novo-Ogaryovo to Polar Wolf."

The Ukrainian Defense Intelligence commented on the weapons of Russian volunteers who breached the Russian border on March 12. They also explained the "phenomenon" of such raids, which are not unprecedented.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense followed the usual scenario, only mentioning "attempts" of invasion by volunteer forces onto Russian territory. They have already found the "guilty parties" and reported on the "repulsion" of volunteers and the "elimination" of dozens of them.

Russian dictator Putin believes that the breakthrough by fighters from the Legion "Freedom of Russia," "RDC," and the "Siberian Battalion" in the Belgorod and Kursk regions is an attempt to disrupt the elections in the Russian Federation and to gain leverage for territorial exchanges in possible negotiations.

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