10:37 17 Feb 2024

Polish farmers block over 3,000 Ukrainian trucks on six border checkpoints

Polish farmers continue to block border traffic in six directions, with about 3,300 trucks in the queue, Ukraine's border guards report.

The longest queue remains at the Krakivets checkpoint, with 1,600 trucks, and at Yahodyn, with more than half a thousand.

Meanwhile, there are also "thousands of vehicles" in Ukraine that are registered to leave. Drivers are not obliged to stand at the border through the "E-queue" system, they can be "in more comfortable conditions" and administrators will inform them about the possibility of crossing the border.

Due to the protests of Polish farmers on the border with Ukraine, there are problems with the delivery of humanitarian aid.

The Polish independent self-governing trade union of individual farmers Solidarity said that on February 20, all border crossings between Poland and Ukraine, as well as roads to railway transshipment stations and seaports, would be blocked.

The government wants to intensify inspections of goods exported from Ukraine and announced tighter border controls.

On February 9, Polish farmers again began blocking several checkpoints on the Polish-Ukrainian border. According to the organizers of the strike from the independent farmers' trade union Solidarity, the blocking of roads near the checkpoints will last for a month, until March 10.

On February 12, Poland announced that all Ukrainian grain in transit through Poland to other countries and ports would be checked at the border by Polish services.

On September 15 last year, the previous government of Mateusz Morawiecki unilaterally imposed an embargo on the import of Ukrainian grain (wheat, corn, rapeseed, sunflower) to the Polish domestic market after the European Commission refused to extend the ban at the EU level. The new government of Donald Tusk has decided not to lift the embargo for now.

Due to the blockade, Ukraine's economy has already suffered a billion euros in losses, and Poland's economic losses are even greater.

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