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Come Back Alive foundation has invested over $50 bln in Ukraine's counteroffensive

Фото: Анатолій Гаєвський, фонд "Повернись живим"

To support Ukraine's summer offensive campaign, the Come Back Alive foundation has invested significant funds.

It allocated more than 2 billion hryvnias, which people and businesses transferred to the organization's bank accounts, the press service reports.

Just in 97 days, from February 1 to May 9, 2023, the fund contracted and purchased aid for the Ukrainian forces for $53 billion.

We have been accumulating resources for a certain period of time to maximize their use at a crucial moment. And we did it, comments Taras Chmut, director of the Come Back Alive fund.

He added that every hryvnia of these more than 2 billion included regular donations that people and businesses sent to the fund's accounts outside of projects.

This gave us the opportunity, among other things, to contract weapons and pickup trucks abroad, purchase optics, communications equipment and drones, equipment for demining and control points…all the things without which offensive actions and liberation of our territories are impossible, Chmut emphasized.

Weapons became the largest item of expenditure during the preparation for the counteroffensive.

Кулемет для ЗСУ від фонду "Повернись живим"

The charitable foundation said that at present they were helping to liberate the territory of Ukraine, namely:

  • 2,460 units of weapons worth UAH 417,468,492. These are 1,460 7.62 mm machine guns and 1,000 ATGL-L3 anti-tank grenade launchers;
  • 2,542 drones, which were purchased for UAH 335,409,701.96;
  • 11,834 radio for UAH 330,842,257.51;
  • 2,306 units of thermal imaging optics worth UAH 161,167,009.08;
  • 93 new pickup trucks for UAH 118,921,297.62.

Український військовий з гранатометом ATGL-L3, червень 2023. Кадр з відео "Повернись живим"

Small arms and grenade launchers, which had been purchased by the Come Back Alive foundation abroad, were distributed among 40 units of the Ukrainian forces together with the General Staff. Some of them were formed already after the full-scale Russian war.

Also, for the summer offensive campaign, the fund purchased and handed over thousands of units of auxiliary equipment. It includes kilometers of cable, chargers, tablets, network equipment, and much more.

"Повернись Живим" тренує марксменів, червень 2023. Фото пресслужба фонду

The Come Back Alive Foundation instructors will also train 600 marksmen for the Defense Forces. The training is held under the Zvirolovy project, providing for the training of soldiers from 10 combat brigades of Ukrainian troops.

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