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Kakhovka dam explosion: four initiatives that help Ukrainians overcome disaster

Rubryka aims to help all victims of the Kakhovka dam explosion by promoting reliable sources and initiatives to support the most affected regions.

What is the problem?

It has been five days since Russia destroyed the Nova Kakhovka dam, causing devastating consequences to the ecology. Around 80 villages and towns have been flooded. The disaster may have affected up to 16,000 families, Ukrainian authorities said. In addition to the flooded homes of thousands of civilians, the explosion caused a deficit of drinking water, medicine kits, and food. Domestic animals are dying drastically, and rare species are under threat of complete extinction. Victims of the explosions need consistent help in the coming weeks and months.

It is never «outdated» to help residents of the Kherson region.

What is the solution?

Rubryka lists four trustworthy initiatives that conduct dangerous evacuation missions and deliver humanitarian aid to the most isolated towns of the region.

How does it work?

Evacuation of residents of the Kherson region

Volunteers evacuate residents of the Kherson region with boats. Photo by Rubryka

Rescue Now is a prominent Ukrainian initiative that is engaged in the evacuation of dam-flooded towns. Since day one of the full-scale war, the initiative has been delivering humanitarian aid all over Ukraine. One can support Rescue Now's humanitarian mission in Kherson by following the link here. The funds will be used for the purchase of humanitarian aid and fuel for cars that deliver cargo and take people out of the affected region. Rescue Now is reaching out to other foundations and public organizations for coordinated work.

Animals need help too

Domestic cat escaping the flood. Photo by Rubryka

Ukrainians never forget about their fur friends. The UAnimals organization knows how to treat the least protected species during Russia's war. Just in two days, Ukrainians donated nearly $850,000 to evacuate domestic and wild animals. These funds are directed at supporting the UAnimals rescue team,  affected shelters, and shelters that will accept evacuated animals. Also, this money is spent on food and medicine, as well as necessary equipment. You can support the courageous team with a simple donation. 

UNITED24 fundraiser to purchase lifeboats


Locals rush to evacuate civilians. Photo by Rubryka

UNITED24 platform is known for its creative campaigns to support Ukrainian forces and volunteers. As the Kakhovka dam exploded, it hosted a new fundraiser which encourages people from all over the world to help purchase lifeboats for Ukrainian rescuers. The more boats they have, the quicker they will evacuate citizens of the dam-flooded towns. The new campaign is also raising money for motor pumps, bulldozers and cranes, fire hoses, wetsuits, mobile water purification stations, and underwater drones for searching for explosive objects. Support the large and necessary initiative here.

The evacuation mission, launched by a Ukrainian journalist

Dam-flooded Kherson in Ukraine. Photo by Rubryka

Founder of the prominent Ukraїner media and awardee of several prestigious journalism titles Bohdan Logvynenko raises money for the evacuation of victims in the Kherson region. He launched the mission immediately after the explosion happened, starting a global fundraiser. With his journalism initiatives, Logvynenko aims both to help Ukranians discover the varied regions of their country and to promote Ukraine to the world. Its volunteers, currently over 300 in number, travel the country to uncover its landscape, customs, and people. You can help victims of Russia's act of terrorism here.

Why does your donation matter?

Ukrainian authorities report the water level is at its peak. As of today, nearly 2,500 citizens of the Kherson region had been evacuated by volunteers and state missions. People are leaving for neighboring towns and cities, which are also affected by the consequences of the dam explosion. The Kakhovka plant supplied water to millions of people on both banks of the Dnipro River. Flooding could affect more towns and villages along Ukraine's frontline on both sides of the river in the coming days, worsening people's access to drinking water and food. The situation is worse on the left bank, as it's occupied by Russian troops, who don't give access to humanitarian organizations and constantly shell the liberated Kherson region. 


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