20:19 07 Бер 2023

Poland says its engineers are ready to repair Leopard tanks on their way to Ukraine

Poland is ready to maintain and repair Western tanks that are supplied to Ukraine to resist the russian invasion.

Polish defense industry will launch a service center that will maintain and update Leopard tanks for Ukraine, the defense minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced.

"We are ready to launch a service center in Poland that will upgrade and maintain Leopard tanks delivered to Ukraine," Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak stated during his press conference.

This center could be created on the basis of the Bumar-Łabędy defense enterprise in the city of Gliwice, southern Poland. However, he noted that there is a problem with the shortage of spare parts for German-made tanks.

This will become the main topic of negotiations between Mariusz Błaszczak and German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius during a meeting of EU defense ministers in Stockholm on March 7-8.

The Polish defense minister noted the state's defense industry is ready to produce spare parts for German tanks. However, to do this, enterprises need to obtain the appropriate technical documentation, which belongs to the manufacturer of Leopard tanks – Rheinmetall.

Poland launched a large-scale repair campaign to return damaged Ukrainian artillery and armored vehicles to the battlefield. Hundreds of people are working around the clock to restore equipment.

On February 24, Poland handed over the first batch of four Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

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