18:07 22 Лип 2022

Donate and get famous stamps: Rubryka launches a lottery among readers

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Rubryka has reached 4 000 followers on Twitter and celebrates it with a lottery. Find the details below.

Rubryka's Twitter page has recently reached 4k subscribers, and we would like to thank all our readers and followers!

To celebrate, we are launching a lottery fundraising campaign. From July 20 to August 6, we collect donations via the website Support Rubryka button. Among those who donated, we will select three random winners who will get famous sank russian ship stamps!

How to participate? There are three basic steps:

  1. Donate via Support Rubryka button. The minimum donation is $5.
  2. Leave a comment in this thread about your donation.
  3. We will collect usernames and then select 3 random winners of the legendary stamps.

We kindly ask you to write '+' or whatever about your donations in the thread we've mentioned, so we can ensure the transparent competition.

Follow our Twitter account if you haven't already. We can't wait to find out who will get the legendary stamps from us!

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