Explain Ukraine 16:39 08 Чер 2023

Why did Ukraine pledge not to strike Russia with long-range missiles?

Rubryka gives an explanation.

Despite craving military and economic help from its satellite states, Russia complains about foreign assistance to Ukraine, which allegedly strikes the state. However, the Air Force Spokesman Yurii Ihnat says that Ukraine cannot hit Russia with long-range missile systems, as it violates its obligations to international partners. While the attack capacities of the Ukrainian army are limited by the range and quantity of missiles and drones available, the forces are still capable of attacking 400–600 km from the current front line. Large Russian cities and the capital itself are within attack range. 

The Ukrainian strategy does not involve spreading terror among civilians. The army has long ago proven to destroy only military targets, like air bases, ammunition warehouses, and fuel depots. By pledging not to strike Russia, Ukraine will adhere to principles of international law, which promote peaceful coexistence and discourage using force between nations. Such a pledge can demonstrate Ukraine's commitment to upholding these norms and contributing to regional stability. Ukraine's primary focus stays on defensive capabilities rather than offensive actions. Pledging not to strike Russia emphasizes Ukraine's commitment to protecting its territory and deterring potential aggression rather than engaging in offensive operations against neighboring countries.

The pledge can also be a gesture to de-escalate tensions and avoid further military confrontation. Ukraine is still committed to seeking peaceful resolutions and is willing to engage in diplomatic dialogue  instead of resorting to military force. No NATO country wants the Ukrainian war to spread, so the state has agreed not to use US-supplied weapons to strike targets in Russia. However, the effect is uneven. Russians commit daily war crimes inside of Ukraine, but Ukrainians may do nothing inside Russia. Civilians are killed while war criminals go unpunished. As the Kremlin constantly warns, the danger is that Russia might escalate, perhaps even to using nuclear weapons against Ukraine or its backers. The possibility of escalation is intimidating, but analysts suggest that Putin is concerned for his survival more than his tyrant image. If he remains a calculating schemer, he will not risk a response in kind by NATO.


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