28 feb, 21:10

Russian soldiers who surrender to Ukraine offered 5 million rubles and amnesty

28 feb, 19:47

A big column of vehicles of Russian Federation approaches Mykolaiv from two directions - Head of Regional State Administration

27 feb, 11:46

Enemy tanks attempted a rush but were stopped - The mayor of Mariupol

25 feb, 11:37

Ukrainian soldier blew himself up together with a bridge to stop the enemy

24 feb, 16:10

Russian occupation forces tried to break through the defenses

24 feb, 13:19

Russian military taken prisoner in JFO

22 feb, 18:32

Russia’s Federation Council allows Putin to use military force outside country

10 feb, 14:00

Territory defense: how to enter and do you need to go through a health check?

28 jan, 22:58

Fourth batch of U.S. military aid arrives in Ukraine

28 jan, 22:50

Pentagon assesses Russia's range of options against Ukraine

27 jan, 09:05

Trudeau pledges additional $40M in humanitarian aid to Ukraine

8 jan, 10:05

Biden may propose Putin scaling back troop deployment in Eastern Europe - media

She's Got It
28 dec, 14:05

Military enlistment for women: will everyone go to the front? What Ministry of Defense really implies

9 dec, 09:07

Biden: the deployment of US troops in Ukraine "is not considered"

6 dec, 08:56

Today, Armed Forces of Ukraine celebrate its 30th anniversary: celebrations will take place simultaneously in 6 cities

5 dec, 12:18

Ukraine Army to take part in 26 multinational exercises in 2022 - Ministry of Defense

5 dec, 11:38

Next year’s defense budget to become largest-ever - minister

5 dec, 10:45

"Vitamin cocktails" and dry fruit for soldiers: how volunteers fight colds on the front line

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