Verkhovna Rada

1 jul, 14:45

Parliament renames Novhorodske village in Donetsk region to New York

What's Happening
30 jun, 09:05

Are they still partners or almost rivals? How relationships between Zelenskyi and Razumkov will develop further

28 jun, 19:45

Constitution Day: Trident sign installed near parliament. Ukraine’s flag raised

3 jun, 12:55

People's Deputies supported draft law on "Google tax"

2 jun, 15:34

Rada expects Zelenskyi's draft law on oligarchs at the end of the week

21 may, 11:58

Rada to appeal to US Congress to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2

20 may, 13:40

Parliament appoints Liubchenko as First Vice PM, Economy Minister

20 may, 11:07

Parliament appoints Liashko as Health Minister

14 may, 20:19

PM Shmyhal requests Parliament to dismiss Stepanov

13 may, 13:11

Rada has 35 "Dr habs" and 73 "PhDs" among people's deputies, Chesno says

20 apr, 16:04

Rada: Ukraine's fate is being determined in Donbas

What's Happening
30 mar, 12:56

The song is over. Why "Voice" absorbed itself and what'll happen to Rudyk's party

30 mar, 12:17

Rada collects signatures for holding an extraordinary meeting due to events in eastern Ukraine

29 mar, 11:32

Rada may gather for one more extraordinary meeting because of escalation in Donbas - Kravchuk

26 mar, 17:33

There's no economic justification - Stefanchuk about adjusting clocks

19 mar, 13:09

Zelenskyi doesn't rule out dissolving Verkhovna Rada - Kravchuk

16 mar, 16:25

"Land" draft law: Rada explains how long the consideration will last

15 mar, 13:35

Lithuanian President may address Rada this week

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