6 apr, 09:21

Stepanov explains a National Coronavirus Vaccination Plan

31 mar, 08:55

Ukraine will receive another million doses of Pfizer vaccine - Liashko

29 mar, 16:08

Stepanov names terms of new COVID-19 vaccine deliveries to Ukraine

26 mar, 09:17

Ukraine will start using the CoronaVac vaccine only after lab control - Liashko

25 mar, 13:42

87-year-old, first president of Ukraine vaccinated against coronavirus

25 mar, 09:58

Second death in Ukraine after vaccination: Ministry of Health names preliminary cause of pharmacist's death in Chernivtsi

24 mar, 12:28

Death of a servicewoman in Odesa region after vaccination: what we know

24 mar, 10:39

In 2021, Ministry of Health plans to purchase 7.9 million doses of covid vaccine

19 mar, 10:58

Ukraine passes to the second stage of vaccination in less than a month - Stepanov

17 mar, 10:21

In Ukraine, the first person received the second dose of covid vaccine

15 mar, 16:54

Liashko becomes ill with coronavirus after vaccination

12 mar, 17:03

Zelenskyi had a telephone conversation with Netanyahu

12 mar, 10:34

Liashko explains that JFO members, deputies, priests and cultural figures will be able to get the COVID vaccine out of turn

10 mar, 12:41

Liashko explains how the international certificate on covid vaccination will be issued in Ukraine

10 mar, 09:51

How safe is the Indian vaccine, and when can you be vaccinated? Everything about COVID-19 vaccination in Ukraine

9 mar, 14:07

The best answer to coronavirus is vaccination, not lockdown - Zelenskyi

9 mar, 10:52

Stepanov: vaccination in Ukraine isn't going according to plan

2 mar, 13:06

Zelenskyi vaccinated against coronavirus in JFO: photo

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