26 nov, 11:19

Latvia offers to mediate negotiations on unblocking border between Ukraine and Poland

23 nov, 13:40

Two Ukrainian drivers reported dead near border blocked by Polish strikers

21 nov, 15:22

Slovak truckers stage protest by blocking checkpoint at Ukraine border

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5 nov, 12:31

EU sends 370 school buses to Ukrainian towns

20 aug, 18:34

Training Program for Women: Launch Your Own Business

28 jul, 08:55

Kyiv City State Administration Brings Express Mode for Apple Pay to Kyiv Municipal Buses

18 jul, 21:39

EU seeks to increase land exports of Ukrainian grain due to Russia's withdrawal from Black Sea deal

17 jul, 09:10

The Ukrainian solution or the paradox of implementing innovations for the decarbonization of the transport industry

16 jun, 18:58

Solutions to win: Lviv students presented first Ukrainian-made electric tricycle for military

6 jun, 16:09

EU commits €33 bln for Ukraine's transport infrastructure, making it first non-EU country to receive such support

4 apr, 12:59

Ukrainian taxi service Uklon adds fleet of wheelchair-accessible vehicles

2 apr, 12:37

Solutions to Ukraine: Danish urbanist developing bicycle infrastructure concept for Mykolaiv

19 mar, 22:00

Solution to win: Ukraine launches vaccination bus in Odesa

22 feb, 12:02

Glovo invests 5 million hryvnias in the construction of the first public intercepting bicycle parking lot in Ukraine

16 sep, 20:52

Germany finished experiment with cheap travel tickets

27 aug, 13:52

Ukraine, Moldova cancel international road haulage permits

10 aug, 20:35

"Don't leave me": How Pokrovsk-Dnipro evacuation train takes people out of shelling

17 jun, 18:02

Estonian aid and ambassador behind the wheel: five buses traveled 2,300 km to get to Vyshneve

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