1 mar, 15:00

TCG: humanitarian aid was sent to ORDLO

17 feb, 16:05

TCG explains a new approach in Donbas negotiations

15 jan, 11:55

Ukrainian delegation publishes schedule and topics of TCG's upcoming meetings

23 dec, 16:06

TCG states "Minsk" has an alternative

15 dec, 13:00

Ukrainian delegation to TCG: repeal of law on Donbas could undermine negotiation process with Russia

30 nov, 10:13

Ukrainian delegation to TCG expects Foreign Ministry's reaction on occupants' attempts to mine positions in Donbas

10 nov, 11:30

TCG discusses ATO checkpoints, exchange of prisoners, and "Kravchuk's plan"

5 nov, 14:44

Ukrainian delegation in TCG published 5 key points of Donbas plan

5 nov, 09:46

Ukraine offers a Donbas plan: Stop conflict and demilitarize ORDLO in early 2021, and hold elections there in March

30 oct, 10:59

Ukrainian delegation in TCG initiates urgent meeting of security subgroup because of two servicemen's death in Donbas

1 oct, 14:17

The OSCE representative stated that negotiations on the exchange of prisoners in the TСG ended in vain

30 sep, 13:27

Zelenskyi fired Fokin from the TCG: "Representing the state is not a chance for expressing personal views"

30 sep, 09:05

"Noone should confuse the official with the personal" - the Office of the President commented on Fokin's statements

24 sep, 13:17

Zelenskyi: Ukraine doesn't blackmail, both Europe and Russia see it

21 sep, 16:26

Fokin named the conditions under which he will leave the TCG

17 sep, 22:31

"Putin will bargain": the TCG announced a scenario for Donbas

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