Social sphere

15 nov, 15:51

"An orphanage does not raise, but only sustains a child": what to do with Ukrainian orphanages

She's got it
8 nov, 10:16

"We can eradicate the idea that violence is normal": how the Women's Rights Protection Department works

1 oct, 09:48

"The system doesn't care about your condition": how to ensure a dignified return for veterans to civilian life

31 may, 12:58

Mobile barbershop lifts Ukrainian soldiers' spirits with free haircuts on the front line

26 may, 13:15

"You live in war and work with war": a mobile support group helps displaced people

24 may, 14:36

"Not everyone needs a psychologist, but everyone should know how to help themselves and others:" Kyiv Resilience Center teaches how to cope with trauma

She's Got It
12 may, 15:21

Solidarity during war: seven initiatives helping women in Ukraine

5 may, 10:44

"Only 20 out of 50 people managed to get a job": what is wrong with work for deaf Ukrainians, and what are the solutions

10 apr, 09:27

Massage parlor, museum, and IT company: how Ukrainian business provides work to visually impaired people

She's got it
23 mar, 16:46

"Another winter will come very quickly": how artisans of "Zigrii" project dress Ukrainian soldiers

23 feb, 09:58

War statistics: the amount of destruction, records, and reparations

She's got it
24 jan, 11:49

Breaking Cycle of Violence: how women's shelters work in wartime

18 jan, 13:47

Free excursions for welfare beneficiaries launched in Kherson

1 dec, 15:05

"The river carries us in a fantastic boat", or how social agreements make cities better

25 nov, 13:33

Profession For Life project implemented in Donetsk region for socialization of ATO/JFO veterans with disabilities

1 nov, 17:30

How to ensure a decent old age

Special Project
22 oct, 14:35

Top 5 social Change Drivers: who will you vote for?

People of Action
22 apr, 09:07

From Donetsk to Dnipro: how social workers-migrants live

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