23 sep, 10:02

Educational center created in Kyiv region for children of russia-destroyed schools and kindergartens

21 sep, 08:30

Education brings victory closer to Ukraine

8 sep, 14:42

English for Ukrainian army, or how military base got itself teacher, flower garden, and language classes

11 aug, 18:52

6000 applications for 750 places. How a Ukrainian school works in Poland

In Handy
9 aug, 14:56

New school year: everything parents need to know before September 1

18 jul, 08:36

All Ukrainians won medals at the 2022 International Mathematical Olympiad

11 jul, 20:05

The “School gardens of victory” project is being implemented in the Ternopil region

3 jun, 14:10

Ukrainian school abroad: how to create a safe space for refugees

25 feb, 19:51

In Ukraine, activities are suspended at all educational institutions

17 jan, 13:30

Cocoa without sugar and buckwheat without salt: what's wrong with the new school menu?

22 dec, 14:31

A schoolboy from Dnipro developing a device to monitor the situation in a car without a driver

10 dec, 10:25

Not a whim, but a behavioral disorder: attention deficit disorder in schoolchildren and what to do with it

3 dec, 19:00

How crowdfunding helps promote health in schools

1 dec, 16:35

An online course School of Critical Thinking from the 4th Brother for schoolkids presented in Kyiv

29 nov, 15:36

Zhytomyr receives a 30-year loan for thermal modernization of schools and kindergartens

29 nov, 14:40

A biology classroom at Vinnytsia school equipped with up-to-date equipment

26 nov, 11:44

Ukraine to form a national rating and choose "Eco-school of 2021"

22 nov, 08:30

Taking a break from the city, helping children and even getting paid for it: who in Ukraine offers a dream job

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