Displaced people

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23 nov, 11:30

A spark of hope: Vinnytsia resident creates a Ukrainian choir in Finland

21 nov, 15:19

House of waste: how a Kharkiv resident builds a house "from nothing" in Khmelnytskyi region

13 nov, 13:23

“A toy will not solve all problems, but it will bring joy”: how an initiative that gives toys a second chance and supports children works

Special project
10 nov, 10:38

"We will simply lose them": how a scientist unites Ukrainian scholars abroad

7 nov, 14:46

Denmark extends temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees

27 oct, 22:10

The role of human capital in Ukraine’s recovery explored at Human Capital UA forum in Kyiv

She's got it
25 oct, 12:40

Shirtless: how the forum theater helps displaced women in Poltava to start living again

20 oct, 10:42

Germany pushes for faster integration of Ukrainians in job market

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19 oct, 13:27

"Wars start with communications, but they also end with them": a Ukrainian communications specialist helps domestic NGOs speak to the world from abroad

17 oct, 20:59

Ivano-Frankivsk region to construct housing for 250 IDPs

15 oct, 12:52

BGV Charity Fund supports displaced Ukrainians with food kits

In Handy
11 oct, 12:41

Navzayem: the online platform for creative industry workers helps with networking

Special project
4 oct, 16:25

Yana Koretska: "I feel my mission is to tell Irish people about Ukrainian culture"

7 sep, 12:42

Creative hub for community development: exploring the impact of internally displaced persons’ solution on Berezhany

6 sep, 13:17

Human rights activists propose bills to help people in de-occupied territories rejoin Ukrainian society

5 sep, 16:02

New housing for IDPs: communal buildings are transformed into eco-friendly multi-apartment buildings

3 sep, 20:54

Latvia to increase support for Ukrainian refugees by €10 mln

Photo, video
2 sep, 14:46

Mariupol refugees open first Ukrainian cuisine restaurant in Los Angeles

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