Displaced people

20 jan, 08:30

Occupied twice. Stories of Crimean women who survived Kherson occupation

18 jan, 19:28

Generation of changemakers: how Ukraine's youth community is created

17 jan, 14:13

More than just books: how Ukrainian libraries help IDPs

She's Got It
13 jan, 13:06

"Donetsk Women's Council": how public organization from Mariupol helps IDP women

11 jan, 11:08

Ukrainian government extends financial aid for businesses employing IDPs

In Handy
7 jan, 09:00

How to psychologically support a child in an evacuation? Psychologists’ advices to migrant parents

4 jan, 14:23

Ukraine tests new solution to search for IDPs and their needs

1 jan, 14:37

Ukrzaliznytsia evacuated 4M people, transported 314,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid since Feb 24

30 dec, 12:38

Solutions journalism 2022: 12 Rubryka articles that inspire us for Victory

29 dec, 14:17

Solutions journalism works: 10 Rubryka's best articles in December

28 dec, 12:22

Number of Ukrainian refugees in Poland decreased

In Handy
28 dec, 08:05

Gifts to strangers: 25 ideas on how to please those who need little miracles

22 dec, 16:05

"Great work will begin after liberation": how Luhansk IDP department works in Dnipro

21 dec, 14:25

Experiments, psychologists, and projects instead of essays: how educational hub "Inspiration cafe" works

How does it work?
20 dec, 12:25

Abandoned homes: how village in Sumy region helps IDPs find new housing

17 dec, 19:11

UNHCR launches aid payments to Ukrainians using blockchain technology

In Handy
13 dec, 15:06

Kind December solutions: 7 ways to give away gift of warmth this winter

13 dec, 14:26

Time for childhood: solution for Ukrainian school children abroad

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