Video report
1 sep, 14:55

Schoolchildren in space: Ukrainian project will cooperate with Elon Musk's Space X and NASA

11 aug, 15:30

Foreign Ministry opens an exhibition on women's role in science and their contribution to scientific progress

6 aug, 10:24

By 2070, part of Ukraine will become a desert

18 jul, 20:58

Thousands of penguins crowding near Ukrainian polar station

8 jul, 09:52

Ukrainian polar explorers will get an icebreaker: the Cabinet of Ministers allocates funds

23 jun, 09:55

Scientific advances can seriously reduce the devastating health effects of tobacco products - Global Nicotine Forum

11 jun, 10:10

Zelenskyi's billion trees: an actual solution or an impossible task?

31 may, 10:03

Ukrainian ornithologists go into pelicans rehabilitation

28 may, 16:02

In Ukraine, you can buy paper and bags of fallen leaves

20 may, 08:30

Sea Day: how ocean is saved abroad and what Ukraine can do

Look at us!
15 may, 13:05

Science Day: what do Ukrainian schoolchildren invent?

13 may, 13:11

Rada has 35 "Dr habs" and 73 "PhDs" among people's deputies, Chesno says

13 may, 12:15

Pivdenmash today: how Ukraine's largest rocket and space enterprise lives

14 apr, 09:59

5,000-year-old artifacts discovered in Ternopil region

12 apr, 09:05

To the stars: how the only aerospace center in Ukraine works

People of Action
23 mar, 09:10

Every weather analysis is a detective story. How meteorologists work

14 mar, 09:35

How to reach the stars: what's the uniqueness of Ukrainian planetariums

1 mar, 09:38

Ukraine presents an all-terrain vehicle in Turkey that has no analogs in the world

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