25 feb, 10:32

People's Deputy Kozak files a lawsuit with Supreme Court to appeal NSDC sanctions

What's Happening
22 feb, 17:30

Guardian of Medvedchuk Empire. Why Zelenskyi imposed sanctions against Oksana Marchenko

What's Happening
20 feb, 18:11

Checkmate from Zelenskyi. What blow was launched on Medvedchuk and Poroshenko?

19 feb, 18:03

NSDC imposes sanctions on Medvedchuk and his wife

19 feb, 10:57

Wave of repressions against Crimean Tatars is the basis for introducing new sanctions against Russia - Kuleba

What's Happening
11 feb, 10:29

Big redistribution in TV market. Who'll benefit from Medvedchuk's channels collapsing

10 feb, 15:32

50% of Ukrainians polled support blocking Medvedchuk's channels

4 feb, 17:35

OPZZH adopts a resolution initiating Zelenskyi's impeachment

What's Happening
3 feb, 18:07

Zelenskyi's three victories. Who's wreaked havoc on by President deciding to turn off Medvedchuk's "buttons"

3 feb, 16:15

"It's not about freedom of speech": Servant of People Party explains sanctions against TV channels

3 feb, 13:14

Zelenskyi: there were grounds for imposing sanctions on Medvedchuk's channels

3 feb, 10:23

OPZZH initiates impeachment procedure against Zelenskyi

2 feb, 22:41

Zelenskyi imposes sanctions on Medvedchuk's colleague Kozak and his TV channels for 5 years

2 feb, 12:09

Ukraine imposes sanctions against Nicaragua

1 feb, 11:25

Zelenskyi states he won't give Motor Sich shares to China

29 jan, 13:32

NSDC imposes sanctions on four companies: three of them Chinese

28 jan, 12:50

YouTube blocks Dubinskyi's channel

26 jan, 09:47

"Servants of the People" think of how to respond to US sanctions against Dubinskyi

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