24 feb, 16:10

Russian occupation forces tried to break through the defenses

24 feb, 16:01

Kuleba appeals to international partners to sever diplomatic relations with Russia

24 feb, 15:39

The Ukrainian military is fighting in direction of Sumy - State Border Guard Service

24 feb, 15:23

Heavy battles fought for Shchastia and Stanytsia Luhanska - JFO

24 feb, 14:42

Russia has imposed censorship on news about the war with Ukraine

24 feb, 14:27

Stoltenberg said NATO doesn’t have troops in Ukraine, and 'has no plans to send them”

24 feb, 14:15

Military aircraft of Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down in Kyiv region: 5 people dead

24 feb, 13:51

Invaders continue the attack by crossing Ukrainian border in direction of Armiansk - Kherson, Chaplynka - Kakhovka

24 feb, 13:19

Russian military taken prisoner in JFO

24 feb, 13:10

Russian troops are launching assault in Kyiv region - State Border Guard Service

24 feb, 12:04

Kyiv Metro offers free rides for passengers

24 feb, 11:52

The authorities are ready to provide weapons to all Ukrainians who are ready to defend the Motherland - Zelenskyy

24 feb, 11:42

Lukashenko assures that Belarussian troops are not taking part in attacking Ukraine

24 feb, 11:29

President's Office: it's safer to stay in Kyiv now than trying to leave the city

24 feb, 11:07

Two unrecognized targets approached Zmiiniy Island

24 feb, 11:00

6 Russian aircrafts have been destroyed in the East of Ukraine

24 feb, 10:41

Arestovych said that Russia's first strike on Ukraine failed

24 feb, 09:39

Zelenskyy addressed Ukrainians: “We are attacked not only with bombs but also with fake news”

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