4 jul, 08:39

British intelligence: russia's disruption of Ukraine's agricultural sector exacerbates global food crisis

3 jul, 10:09

russia plans to annex Kherson region by autumn – UK intel

30 jun, 08:10

ISW: Moscow still has territorial ambitions and claims not only Donbas

28 jun, 10:10

British intelligence reports signs of russian army's resources depleting

26 jun, 14:23

Ukraine's intelligence informs of increased russia's military presence in belarus

24 jun, 08:58

British intelligence: russian air force struggles to support the invasion of Ukraine and uses Wagner mercenaries

20 jun, 09:55

British intelligence: russia's air force ineffective in war with Ukraine

18 jun, 09:40

russian army renewing offensive south of Izium - British intelligence

14 jun, 12:13

British intelligence: russia may have problems with replenishing weapons because of sanctions and lack of experience

8 jun, 09:10

British intelligence: russia will claim its occupation of southern Kherson region as evidence of improved living standards for Ukrainians

6 jun, 09:53

Missile attack on Kyiv was likely an attempt to disrupt Western military equipment supply, British intelligence says

3 jun, 09:37

British intelligence: russia achieved none of its strategic objectives in Ukraine in 100 days of war

2 jun, 17:55

Ukrainian military intelligence predicts an increase in air and missile strikes

2 jun, 09:57

British intelligence: russian army plans to switch focus to Donetsk region, but needs a break

1 jun, 10:15

Battle for Donbas: British intelligence says russia must've occupied more than half of Sievierodonetsk

31 may, 10:31

British intelligence believes russia's political goal is full occupation of Donbas

30 may, 09:55

russia has suffered devastating losses among younger generation of professional officers, British intelligence says

28 may, 09:35

Russian troops will try to cross Siverskyi Donets River in coming days - British intelligence

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