31 oct, 16:08

Solutions from Ukraine: Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company introduces SLG barge with increased cargo capacity

19 oct, 17:58

Solutions to win: Mykolaiv sappers receive underwater drones for demining funded by international donors

14 oct, 09:53

Eco-solution: Ukrainian court in western Ternopil fines local enterprise $27,000 for polluting river

30 sep, 15:29

Ukrainian environmentalists release 15,000 Danube salmon, repopulating rivers with protected species

24 aug, 15:37

Green revival: How former reservoir of Kakhovka changed in two months after dam explosion

Photo, video
17 aug, 10:54

Ukrainian rescuers aid Slovenia in mitigating flood consequences and safeguarding homes

19 jul, 13:17

"Almost like a lunar landscape": Czech and Ukrainian ecologists analyze pollution impact in Dnipro following Kakhovka dam destruction

28 jun, 15:49

Dnipro River in Kherson region returns to natural flow after floods caused by Russia's dam destruction

15 jun, 19:59

Kakhovka dam explosion destroyed 32 oil depots in Kherson region – Greenpeace

13 jun, 15:46

Russian occupiers destroy dams to slow Ukraine’s advancement – Ministry of Defense

11 jun, 16:33

Ukraine's Kakhovka reservoir has already lost 70% of its water – environmental ministry

10 jun, 21:20

Inhulets River in Kherson region exceeds permissible levels of harmful substances after Kakhovka dam destruction – ecologists

8 jun, 20:59

Nine people dead in dam-flooded town of Oleshky in Kherson region

8 jun, 20:34

Water level in Kakhovka reservoir drops below "dead point"

Photo, video
8 jun, 19:53

Kakhovka dam destruction: 2,334 civilians have been rescued from flooded Kherson region

7 jun, 15:50

European Union will send generators, pumps, and water filters to Ukraine's flooded Kherson region

7 jun, 14:23

Solutions to win: Lithuania to send aid to Ukraine after Kakhovka dam destruction

7 jun, 11:29

Ukraine's southern regions ban fishing as mass fish deaths occur caused by Kakhovka dam destruction

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