11 feb, 10:59

Zelensky shares video of environmental damage caused by russian armed aggression

22 jan, 12:26

About 20 households flooded due to ice jam on Desna in Kyiv region

12 jan, 10:25

"The enemy can no longer think of anything we did not foresee": how Ukrainians are preparing for chemical attacks

12 jan, 09:30

Carbon footprint and renewable energy: how environmental regulations are gradually becoming mandatory

13 dec, 16:57

Ukrainian polar explorers shared video showing birth of subantarctic baby penguin

29 nov, 14:40

Swamps in fight against russia: why should we save them?

29 nov, 13:31

How Ukrainian farmers dry and store grain when there is no electricity: solutions that are already working

25 nov, 14:25

Lighting fire energy-efficiently: how to spend less money, get more heat and minimize environmental damage

16 nov, 17:33

What will happen to forests after the war: fires, technology, and new species

8 nov, 11:39

Ukraine submits 40 applications to participate in EU LIFE environmental grant program

6 nov, 11:59

In Ukraine, 20% of nature reserves, 3M hectares of forests affected by war - WWF

31 oct, 15:27

Where to pick mushrooms if you really want to: Rubryka found Ukraine's safe spots

28 oct, 21:25

50,000 dolphins died in Black Sea due to use of Russian warships – animal defenders

28 oct, 11:20

Military shells falling into rivers change ecosystems: ecologists studied explosion craters

11 oct, 20:30

Nature parks and reserves in russia-occupied territories: how Askania-Nova in Kherson region survives war

30 sep, 17:19

Ukraine with highest desertification rate and second most arable land in Europe

14 sep, 16:31

In 2021, concentration of greenhouse gas reached historical maximum

9 sep, 08:44

Ukraine's protected lakes in Tuzly estuaries dried up because of war and drought

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