29 aug, 15:52

Vatican denies pope wanted to praise Russian imperial past in his controversial address

30 jul, 15:38

Pope Francis urges "brothers from the Russian authorities” to resume Grain Initiative

18 jun, 16:15

Pope Francis urges world to remember "much-suffering Ukraine" on Refugee Day

26 may, 18:18

Pope Francis says liberation of Ukraine's territories is a "political problem"

13 may, 11:54

Zelensky arrives in Italy for talks with president and Pope

11 mar, 21:33

Pope Francis: I will go either to Kyiv and moscow or to none of these cities

27 feb, 15:07

Pope Francis to visit Hungary

25 feb, 11:45

Pope Francis receives bracelet made of "Azovstal" steel and lists of Ukrainian prisoners of war

18 dec, 10:28

Pope calls war in Ukraine global and does not see an end in near term

25 nov, 17:06

World has discovered brave and strong people of Ukraine — Pope Francis

9 nov, 13:29

Wars aren't resolved by infantile logic of weapons, but with mild force of dialogue – Pope

7 nov, 09:14

UA ambassador slams Pope's statement about supposed "humanism inherent in russians"

18 sep, 19:50

Pope calls to pray for people of Ukraine

17 sep, 19:51

Pope Francis’s representative in Ukraine comes under Russian fire in country’s south

14 sep, 14:51

Pope Francis urges not to justify war with religion

6 aug, 20:54

Pope Francis mulling Kyiv trip - Ambassador to Vatican

17 jul, 15:46

Pope Francis: I am close to people of Ukraine struck by rain of missiles every day

4 jul, 11:48

The Pope plans to visit Moscow and Kyiv after he visits Canada

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