25 may, 22:18

More than 20,000 russian war crimes registered in Ukraine

18 apr, 14:34

Bodies of nearly 300 people killed in Irpin handed over to the Hague tribunal for examination

10 apr, 15:08

"We will go to the sea with all dogs after victory": How pets help in service for Ukraine

2 mar, 15:58

Police in Kyiv uncovered five saboteurs in metro

25 feb, 11:21

Ukrainians took OMON soldier as prisoner of war: he came for war from Kemerovo region of Russia

25 feb, 10:40

The Armed Forces of Ukraine downed an enemy aircraft in Cherkasy region: searchings for the pilot continues

21 dec, 22:53

European Union provided Ukrainian Police with mobile forensic laboratories and kits worth almost half a million EUR

15 dec, 10:58

Patrol officers give stuffed toys to children on calls

9 nov, 15:25

A Telegram chatbot launched to expose drug trafficking in Ukraine

18 oct, 12:09

Vinnytsia police drew attention to the problem of homeless animals

14 sep, 09:25

Safety solution. For the first time in Ukraine, police in Uzhhorod will patrol on electric scooters

2 sep, 17:34

"Russia wants escalation in Donbas": Ukraine comments on refusal to extend OSCE mission

What's Happening
9 aug, 08:02

What was found next to the hanged Belarusian activist Vitalii Shishov's body and who he was

16 jul, 19:30

Who is Monastyrskyi? Connections, past, and property of Avakov 's "heir" at Ministry of Internal Affairs

25 jun, 10:45

Police officer abuses authority: what to do

What's Happening
14 apr, 17:16

Scandal at VDNH: searches in CEO's apartment and office

Photo, video
16 feb, 16:49

Admitted to police ranks: Chernivtsi police realize the dream of the boy with cancer

2 feb, 10:31

Prison for a belt, pulling license for a light. How Avakov wants to strengthen power at drivers' expense

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