11 nov, 21:32

Lviv will sue Cabinet of Ministers over weekend quarantine - Sadovyi

11 nov, 17:30

Sadovyi stated that Lviv refuses to comply with weekend quarantine

11 nov, 15:29

Government introduces a three-week weekend quarantine in Ukraine

11 nov, 13:24

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine salutes to the end of war in Nagorno-Karabakh

11 nov, 12:11

Head of NBU met with World Bank leadership and discussed cooperation priorities

11 nov, 09:09

Biden discussed Ukraine with Macron and Johnson

10 nov, 18:07

Zelenskyi had a telephone conversation with Merkel: they talked about vaccine for Ukraine and conflict in Donbas

10 nov, 13:53

European Parliament criticizes Ukraine for judiciary unreformed and poor fight against oligarchs

10 nov, 11:30

TCG discusses ATO checkpoints, exchange of prisoners, and "Kravchuk's plan"

9 nov, 21:13

Rada explained how Biden could support Ukraine

9 nov, 16:26

Klimkin stated the election of Biden as US president could change the situation in Donbas and Crimea

9 nov, 14:18

Tkachenko stated that Ministry of Culture will promote an eco-friendly lifestyle

6 nov, 13:49

Verkhovna Rada could not appoint a CCU judge according to its quota

6 nov, 10:26

Zelenskyi waiting for an "economic Constitution," strategy until 2030

6 nov, 09:25

Counting votes in just 2 hours instead of 2 weeks: how Estonia organized e-elections

6 nov, 09:11

Zelenskyi and Macron discussed the "Norman format" and CCU situation

5 nov, 14:44

Ukrainian delegation in TCG published 5 key points of Donbas plan

5 nov, 13:47

Verkhovna Rada approved 2021 budget in principle

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