22 jun, 20:13

PACE adopts resolution calling to ban Russian and Belarusian athletes from Olympics

22 jun, 19:18

PACE adopts resolution based on Ukraine's peace formula

20 jun, 14:38

Council of Europe backs suspension of Russian and Belarusian athletes from 2024 Olympics

18 jun, 17:40

PACE to debate resolution banning Russian and Belarusian athletes from 2024 Olympics

27 apr, 19:30

PACE recognizes deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia as genocide

26 jan, 15:57

Compensation for damages to Ukraine caused by russia's aggression: PACE has determined future mechanism

24 jan, 13:39

russia’s military aggression against Ukraine began in 2014, not 2022: PACE recognized this fact

13 oct, 14:38

PACE recognized russia as terrorist regime

13 oct, 12:44

PACE offers to declare russia a terrorist regime

23 jun, 16:25

PACE: russia is responsible for downing MH17

28 apr, 08:11

PACE supported establishing an international tribunal on russia's aggression

16 mar, 15:33

After 26 years of membership, Russia expelled from Council of Europe

15 mar, 23:03

PACE officially recognizes Transnistria as a zone of Russian occupation

15 mar, 22:05

PACE supported the decision to expel Russia and requested that Ukraine be provided with air defense

28 sep, 12:30

Ukraine in PACE calls on Europe to drop Nord Stream-2

27 apr, 13:28

People's Deputy Honcharenko ruled out of order in PACE for 3 months

20 apr, 13:03

People's Deputy Honcharenko ruled out of order at PACE meeting

28 jan, 17:16

Mezentseva announces Ukraine's victory in PACE

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