6 nov, 14:58

Eco-solutions: Kyiv begins planting storm-resistant trees to combat extreme weather

25 oct, 14:34

Ukraine opens rehabilitation centers for wildlife wounded by Russian hostilities

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22 aug, 20:26

Amusement park for children with disabilities unveiled in western Lviv

6 aug, 13:34

Kyiv authorities demolish street vendors to install accessible city parks

24 jul, 16:46

Taiwan assists Ukraine with $2.5 mln in aid to build bridge in Kyiv

2 jul, 15:29

Kyiv Botanical Garden recovered a 200-year-old tree which was part of city's primeval forest

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21 jun, 15:55

The Way to Safety: Kyiv unveils green maze to raise awareness for Ukrainian refugees

10 jun, 14:26

Kakhovka dam destruction causes ₴ 55 bln in environmental damage

28 may, 13:54

Urban solutions: Dobropark plans to create a valley of modern art near Kyiv

13 may, 10:00

Ukraine's allies plant Alley of international support in Kyiv

26 apr, 15:11

NGO Building Ukraine Together to hold large-scale cleaning of Ukrainian cities and regions

25 apr, 13:54

Ukraine's capital Kyiv becomes greener with new park construction

20 jul, 16:53

Estuaries may disappear forever: what needs to be done for the natural parks of Ukraine to save them?

13 jul, 17:54

Dead dolphins, non-returning pelicans and lack of fish: how the war affects Tuzly estuaries

17 oct, 10:33

A park with the symbolic name "Shchaslyvyi" appeared in Kyiv region

15 oct, 08:56

Two classes for open-air lessons set up in Synevyr National Park

28 sep, 10:33

Municipal patrols on electric cars launched in Ternopil

24 may, 10:06

Parks Day. How to plant greenery in Kyiv and save the city from concrete

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