9 mar, 17:16

Invaders purposefully bombed a children's hospital in Mariupol

9 mar, 16:43

In Kharkiv, during shelling, invaders struck police building: there are dead and wounded

9 mar, 16:09

Fierce battles in Chernihiv region: invaders are surrounded

8 mar, 22:22

Zhytomyr: Enemy fired a missile at a dormitory and a rock-wool factory

8 mar, 16:52

In Mykolaiv regions, occupiers shot the minibus marked by signs of "red cross": there are victims

7 mar, 17:37

In Makariv, invaders launched an airstrike on the bakery plant: there are deceased

7 mar, 13:59

In Mykolaiv region, Russian occupiers struck on Olvia seaport

7 mar, 13:39

In Kharkiv, National Guard detained a Russian pilot who was bombing the city

6 mar, 16:56

Today Belarusian troops aren't used against Ukraine - Arestovych

6 mar, 15:51

Russian troops shelled Kramatorsk: there are dead and wounded

6 mar, 14:52

Russian military damages Donetsk-Mariupol gas pipeline: people left without gas - Head of regions

6 mar, 14:40

Zelenskyy reacts to enemy's attack on Vinnytsia: airport completely destroyed

6 mar, 14:21

Occupiers fired missiles at Vinnytsia airport and a military unit in Havryshivka

6 mar, 14:03

Azov: Invaders again disrupted "green corridor" in Mariupol

6 mar, 13:13

The bombing of civilians was planned - Zelenskyy

6 mar, 11:52

Regional State Administration: Mykolaiv is being attacked by tanks, there is fighting

6 mar, 11:03

The situation in Kharkiv remains difficult, the occupiers continue shelling and aerial bombardment of the city

6 mar, 08:44

Occupiers continue to bomb Zhytomyr region - regional police

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