атомна енергетика

12 aug, 09:44

US calls on russia to immediately withdraw troops from Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

10 aug, 20:34

russia initiates Security Council meeting on Zaporizhzhia NPP issue

9 aug, 18:38

russia has started process of switching Zaporizhzhia NPP to russian energy system — Energoatom

5 aug, 11:48

Canada allocates $6 mln to strengthen Ukraine's nuclear security

30 jul, 15:25

Devastating consequences caused by water can be similar to the effects of nuclear weapons: what will happen if the russians start shelling the hydroelectric power stations?

19 jul, 13:10

russian invaders again threaten radiation safety at occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant

15 jul, 10:35

IAEA: russians launch occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant's third unit

26 jun, 10:06

A missile flew critically low above the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant – Energoatom

13 jun, 10:27

IAEA confirms resuming contact with russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant and insists on a quick visit

4 may, 08:35

Nuclear strike: What you need to know to escape

22 apr, 13:14

Three russian missiles flew over South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant site

29 mar, 12:42

IAEA Director-General Grossi has arrived in Ukraine to negotiate the safety of nuclear facilities

23 mar, 12:54

It'll take years to establish the damage caused by Russians after the withdrawal of Russian troops from Chornobyl nuclear power plant - Zelenskyy

23 mar, 08:02

In Chornobyl, occupiers looted the up-to-date laboratory, which cost 6 million euros

17 mar, 23:08

Silence Can Be Explosive: Five Experts Urge Governments to Halt Russian Nuclear Terrorism Now

17 mar, 21:01

Ukrainian environmental organizations sent an open letter to countries which still cooperate with russia in nuclear energy

14 mar, 13:22

Occupiers again damaged the line to Chornobyl nuclear power plant, repaired yesterday

12 mar, 07:27

Rosatom claims its rights to Zaporizhzhia NPP - Energoatom chair

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