Нормандський формат

7 jul, 13:20

Zelenskyi believes the US can influence Russia to end the war in Ukraine

1 jun, 12:58

France and Germany must put a lot of pressure on Russia - Zelenskyi

7 may, 14:13

Kuleba calls on Ukraine's partners to increase pressure on Russia for a constructive approach in "Normandy"

27 apr, 16:24

Zelenskyi proposes to create a format parallel to Normandy

16 apr, 17:13

Normandy format without Russia: Merkel joined the conversation between Zelensky and Macron - Mass media

31 mar, 11:56

President's Office comments on talks between leaders of France, Germany and Russia on situation in Ukraine

12 mar, 16:18

Kravchuk: the meeting of Normandy format leaders is scheduled for April

25 feb, 12:40

Foreign Minister Kuleba is to visit France

What's Happening
5 feb, 12:54

"Normandy" new way: how negotiations on Donbas can change

4 feb, 12:31

Kravchuk explains why it's necessary to include the U.S. in the Normandy format

22 jan, 16:35

OPU: meeting of Normandy 4 advisers postponed

12 jan, 13:17

Yermak arrives in Berlin for a meeting of advisers in the Normandy format

28 dec, 15:06

In January, a meeting of advisers to Normandy 4 leaders may take place - Yermak

13 nov, 14:10

Kravchuk stated that "Normandy" advisers' video meeting will show if there'll be a summit this year

6 nov, 09:11

Zelenskyi and Macron discussed the "Norman format" and CCU situation

23 sep, 10:07

Macron mentioned Ukraine at the UN and said that the Belarus crisis could be a new break in Europe

What's Going On
26 aug, 17:10

Surrender to Moscow or play our own game: will Zelensky be able to end the war in Donbas by the end of the year?

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