Ukraine offensive

1 dec, 11:23

"We did not achieve the desired results, but we are not backing down": Zelensky on counteroffensive

17 nov, 19:32

Russian forces are regrouping to attack eastern Kupiansk  with more efforts – AFU General Staff

17 nov, 09:37

Ukrainian forces secure multiple bridgeheads on occupied left bank of Kherson region

14 nov, 12:10

AFU general: "Kinburn Spit will soon be ours if everything goes as expected"

12 nov, 16:20

Cold season might slow down the course of Ukrainian offensive but not artillery strikes – AFU press officer

4 nov, 14:26

Russian army has already lost about 200 armored vehicles during assault of Avdiivka – UK intelligence

3 nov, 19:59

Russia set to gain control of Avdiivka by year's end – Estonian intelligence

25 oct, 16:21

Avdiivka may turn into complete ruins in a few weeks – city authorities

23 oct, 15:26

Russia took advantage of war in Israel to resume its offensive in Ukraine – Lithuanian foreign ministry

23 oct, 12:42

Russian forces attempt to block access to Avdiivka, impeding evacuation and humanitarian aid for locals

22 oct, 18:58

"It is too early to talk about it": Spokesperson reacts to reports of Ukrainian troops landing in occupied Kherson region

21 oct, 14:59

Russian attempts to take Avdiivka continue despite decreased assault activity

21 oct, 09:39

Ukrainian forces establish positions on left bank of Kherson region – ISW

20 oct, 20:59

Russia accumulating artillery shells to prepare for new offensive – Estonian intelligence

16 oct, 15:59

Putin and Russia shift rhetoric on offensive in Avdiivka, lowering expectations of advance – ISW

14 oct, 09:34

Russian offensive on Avdiivka fails – ISW

24 sep, 08:55

Ukraine's military advances further into Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia region – ISW

18 sep, 10:10

Ukrainian army liberated two square kilometers near Bakhmut last week – deputy defense minister

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