MOZ / Ministry of Health of Ukraine

25 sep, 18:59

Ukraine starts training for instructors of regional emergency medical aid centers

25 jun, 13:59

Ukraine's Ministry of Health to develop new aid program for domestic violence victims

14 jun, 16:52

Ministry of Health inspects hospitals and labs to prevent infectious diseases spread in flood-affected regions

1 feb, 09:35

Giving life after death: everything you need to know about posthumous transplantation in Ukraine

12 jan, 10:25

"The enemy can no longer think of anything we did not foresee": how Ukrainians are preparing for chemical attacks

5 jan, 12:27

Ukraine launches aesthetic medicine charity project to address war injuries

23 dec, 15:22

Preserving mental health: World Bank gives Ukraine €100 million loan

31 aug, 17:06

Medical hub for Ukrainian patients will open in Poland

24 aug, 14:13

"Heartfelt Gratitude": Rubryka joins the national flash mob honoring doctors on Independence Day

6 jan, 13:32

Booster shot for COVID-19 now available to all adult Ukrainians six months after last jab

7 dec, 16:01

An innovative drug to treat tuberculosis registered in Ukraine

9 nov, 11:03

Ukraine has first positive signs of stabilization of the number of covid patients - Liashko

8 oct, 16:59

Ministry of Health reveals how many doses of coronavirus vaccine Ukraine has

2 oct, 08:58

More than 5.7M people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in Ukraine

24 sep, 08:51

Over 5.3M Ukrainians fully vaccinated against COVID-19

17 sep, 15:19

Ukraine allows mixing Moderna, Pfizer vaccines

17 sep, 08:59

Nearly 123,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses given in Ukraine on Sept 16

13 sep, 08:55

Almost a million vaccinations done in Ukraine last week

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