International politics

What's Happening
11 feb, 18:50

What's new in international support of Ukraine: Minsk, Macron, and the friendship of Poles

10 feb, 14:44

Meeting of advisers to Normandy format leaders: Yermak revealed the details

9 feb, 09:34

Ukraine intends to establish Crimean Platform International Parliamentary Assembly - Stefanchuk

8 feb, 14:44

Zelenskyy appoints Zvarych as Ukraine's ambassador to Poland

8 feb, 08:54

Today Zelenskyy will meet with President of France

7 feb, 20:30

It's time to wake up: we're in the new Cold War

2 feb, 08:57

Zelenskyy states he's not satisfied with clauses of Minsk agreements, but Ukraine is fulfilling them

1 feb, 14:16

Foreign ministers of five countries will visit Ukraine next week

1 feb, 10:43

Ukraine, Poland, and the UK are creating a new format of cooperation - Zelenskyy

What's Happening
28 jan, 17:15

Will there be a war? What are Russians prepared for?

27 jan, 23:02

Kuleba says future of Euro-Atlantic security being decided in Ukraine

What's Happening
26 jan, 14:00

How the world reacts to Russia's behavior: what's happening not in words but in deeds

21 jan, 13:48

Even one Russian military crossing Ukraine's border will be considered incursion - Blinken

21 jan, 09:15

Foreign ministers of France and Canada discussed the accumulation of Russian troops near Ukraine and ways to deter Russia

20 jan, 12:33

"If you want to influence Putin, influence his personal money": Navalnyi called on Biden to oppose Putin

20 jan, 10:23

Macron calls on Europe to open dialogue with Russia and rearmament in the face of Russian aggression

20 jan, 09:03

U.S. allows Baltic states to send American arms to Ukraine

What's Happening
19 jan, 16:05

Why Blinken came and what's the likelihood of a full-scale war: what Ukrainians should prepare for

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